Course Setters Course

Snowsport England Level 1 Course Setters Course

Minimum Age 16 years old


This course is designed to provide participants with the basic principles of setting up a slalom course on an artificial slope.



1 Day


Pre Requisites

Candidates must be registered with Snowsport England as UKSS Level 1 or UKCP Alpine Level 1 or above. Or as an Official


Revalidation Requirements



Links to other qualifications

This course is a constituent module within the Snowsport England Training Programme (racing).

Course Content

  1. Why do you need to be able to set a course well?
    1. About the course.
    2. Terminology.
    3. Pattern.
    4. Distances.
    5. Rules for Slalom courses.
  1. Setting training courses
    1. Themed in training sessions.
    2. Sequences and progression in training sessions.
    3. Using markers, stubbies and poles.
    4. Progression to tall poles.
    5. Progression to cross over clearing.
    6. Guidelines for course setters.
  1. The training environment.
  1. Safety.

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