UKSS Level 1 Training - includes SSE membership for 2019

Please note that the course will be spread over 3 days. You will need to be available for all dates, please see the dates and times below before booking:

Wednesday 26th June 2019- 18:30- 22:00

Friday 28th June 2019- 18:30- 22:00

Wednesday 3rd July 2019- 18:30- 22:00

Course fees include Snowsport England membership for 2019


 Snowsport  England is the body recognised by Sport England, the CCPR and  the International Federation of Snowsports   Instructors as the  awarding body for snowsports coaching within England.

 Many level 1 instructors work part time, some purely for the love of the sport, others for payment.

  The  level 1 award also provides younger instructors with  important  life skills which can be transferred to a number of other  areas.


 This award has three core components:

 The Level 1 training course, this is delivered at a local ski centre and takes a minimum of 2 days or 12 hours

  • Further  workplace training. This involves you  working with a mentor – a  more experienced instructor or coach to help  you to develop your skiing and coaching abilities.
  • The  Level 1 Assessment. This can take place at  your local ski centre. Some Level 1 Assessments are conducted one on one  at a time of  your choosing. Other candidates prefer to be assessed  together  with  a group of colleagues. You will be expected to show that  you  can  run a  safe coaching session and that your personal skiing is adequate.

 In  most circumstances candidates are expected to be 16  years of  age or older. However a young persons’ training    course     has been   developed for young people actively involved in skiing and sport.  These courses can be attended by candidates of    14-16 years of age. Candidates  are given a certificate to confirm  their  ‘trained’  status and can present themselves for assessment after they reach 16  years of age.


 To be licenced all coaches and instructors must also:


  • Be registered with Snowsport England
  • Hold an appropriate first aid certificate
  • Have completed a Criminal Record check, now known as a DBS check
  • Have attended a safeguarding children course
  • Every  three years you are required to attend an  appropriate course to refresh your award. In the case of the level 1  award that can be a one day refresher course or a level 2 training  course

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