UKSS Level 3 Development Coach

Course Information

Please note - course cost does not include accommodation, flights, transfers, lift passes or subsistence.

Please do not book flights until you receive confirmation that the course has minimum numbers to run.

Course Requirements:

.Be a current member of Snowsport England

.Be Licenced UKSS Level 2 – (or move over on equivalency)

.Have other licensing criteria in place (First Aid, Enhanced DBS with SSE etc)

UK Snowsports Level 3 Coach

Level 3 Development Coaches have high levels of skill and knowledge which will allow them to make a significant contribution to the growth of both their skiers and their club or organisation. The Level 3 licence is for use at UK artificial ski centres only.

Level 3 Development Coaches can work independently with skiers from complete novice, to skiers who are able to show continuously linked parallel turning. They can work with those seeking further specialisation. They can
profile, set goals and plan and organise coaching programmes over the short to medium term. It is envisaged that a Level 3 Coach is likely to make a significant contribution to the development of new coaches.

As a Level 3 Coach, you should develop a breadth of underpinning knowledge, synthesised from a variety of information sources. This should enable you to help skiers develop their core skill so that they can pursue the sport progressively at a level or discipline of their choice.

The Level 3 course is mostly about coaching rather than personal skiing performance. However, in order to be an effective role model, Level 3 coaches need to be versatile skiers. 

Candidates will be required to ski a variety of tasks to explore the fundamentals of sound alpine skiing and to enable fellow candidates to develop their use of coaching tools.
During the course participants will review their current coaching and performance levels and create a personal action plan.

Level 3 Development Coaches Course - Overview

The course is intended for Level 2 (or equivalent) instructors and coaches who will work with skiers over the short to medium term.

By the end of this course participants should be able to:
• Explain the differences between instructing and coaching
• Analyse and profile skier performance
• Practice goal setting as part of medium-term planning and modify sessions in response to events
• Explain skill and its impact on coaching
• Explain the core elements of biomechanically sound skiing
• Explain feedback types and be able to modify feedback to suit learner needs
• Plan video sessions
• Develop ideas for their ongoing coaching and coaching portfolio
• Profile their own performance against the outcome standards to create a personal action plan
• Present core snowsports concepts to peers off-slope

Additional information
The course combines training and appraisal of participants’ performance. Tutors will provide feedback during the course to help participants draft a personal action plan. Participants will agree a final action plan with their tutor.

It is not possible to complete all units of this award during the course as candidates must complete a coaching portfolio.

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