UKCP Alpine Level 2 Training Course

Please make sure you have read and understand the the Booking Information, Privacy Notice and Pre-Requisites before applying for this course.


The course starts at 6.00pm on the 19th January 2020 so you will need to be in resort ready to go for then and travel back needs to happen after the course finishes at 5.00pm on the 25th January 2020.

For details please contact Phil Brown - 

The UKCP Alpine Coach Level 2 is designed for coaches who seek to work as a club coach. The course is designed around the pathway to Olympic podium and the content is specific to coaching adolescents within the age group of 12-16 years.

The course aims is to provide you with the coaching tools, methods and knowledge required to coach and inspire at this influential age.

Once fully licensed at Level 2, you are able to operate:
• Independently in a mountain environment in the UK  
• In a mountain environment outside of the UK as part of a club programme that is led by a UKCP Alpine Level 3 Coach Licensed in line with the UK Coaches Protocol.

The course is held in the alpine environment to give you the best chance of experiencing the skills that you will need in order to work as an independent coach, responsible for the safety of minors in a dangerous environment. As on all UKCP courses there is a full programme of training. It is your responsibility to adequately prepare yourself mentally and physically for this programme. The course programme covers many practical elements, both in the classroom and on the mountain.  

Generally, the course will be structured so that you can be on the first lifts up in the morning and straight to the training area as quickly as possible. You will ski until around 2pm before heading down and continuing with classroom and outdoor practical sessions in the afternoon. As a guide, these activities will finish at 6pm. Your trainer will ensure that you have time to change and get organised between these sessions.

Recommended Equipment
You must provide your own equipment for the coaching course. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have equipment suitable for the course you are attending.

We recommend using equipment that will allow you to perform at the level required for the course. As a rule, competition skis or race skis will allow you to achieve this much more easily. As a coach, it is important that you understand how current equipment works and how you have to move for it to be effective. Skis need to be within 5 years of the latest FIS regulations. You will be assessed on your standard of skiing so please use equipment that allows you to perform at your best. Slalom race skis are normally 165cm for men and 155cm for ladies, Giant Slalom skis are between 180cm and 195cm for men and women.

Helmet and Protective Padding
A helmet is compulsory when skiing through the course and protective padding is recommended for slalom (but is not compulsory). Protective padding would include pole guards to protect your fingers and shin guards – both of these would allow you to ski correct technique in the course. Further protective padding can include a back support/brace and arm padding.
Clothing and presentation should reflect the role model status of a coach. You should allow for multiple layers of clothing in order to warm-up or cool down according to the activity that you are doing. Fleeces and sleeveless fleeces are very useful.
Fitness equipment
You should bring clothing that allows you to take part in outdoor fitness activities. A tracksuit or shorts and t-shirts (depending on the time of year, hat and thermal running kit) along with running shoes will suffice.
Don’t forgets and recommended!
Pen and pencil; notebook; sun-cream; flask/bottle for the mountain; rucksack; lunchbox.

Student Appraisal

Trainee Status

In order to pass this course, you are assessed on your skiing ability and your coaching reviews.   You are expected to be able to carve clean track turns on steep slopes (red piste) at speed while showing good positive posture and control in both slalom and giant slalom turns. This is articulated in more detail during the course and is measured against the criteria of the skill acquisition model presented during UCKP Coach Level 1.

You are not assessed on your ability to ski courses or set courses.
Reviewing skills are developed through the course and are a fundamental part of developing coaching expertise. You are assessed on your ability to accurately review your own sessions using the review sheets provided – this is based on the same review process for UKCP Coach Level 1 Licensed. You will be given guidance during the course on how to improve your coaching and reviewing skills.

Throughout the course, you will be given plenty of opportunity to work on their performance, both in coaching and in skiing. It is important to use these sessions as learning opportunities – it will not be just the trainer improving your skills, but also your peers.

If you do not complete the requirements of licensed status, but have been successful in attaining Trainee status, then you have the same operating remit as a UKCP Level 1 Licensed Coach.

Licensed Status Assessment
After the course you will need to work with a mentor on your UKCP Alpine Logbook. Once completed a copy should be sent to the Snowsport England for verification.

The logbook consists of the following tasks:
Task 1 Plan a 6-day alpine based training camp
Task 2 Plan three consecutive training sessions for a UK based programme
Task 3 Deliver, review and action plan the three session from task 2
Task 4 Prepare a Health and Safety risk assessment for a UK based training camp
Task 5 Course setting: Set a slalom course and review
Task 6 Course setting: Set a Giant Slalom course and review -In an Alpine Environment
Task 7 Course setting: Assist setting a Super-G course and review (can also be a combi-course) - In an Alpine Environment
Task 8 Complete the test: Safety in the workplace.
Task 9 Complete the test: Rules for alpine racing
Task 10 Shadow the Technical Delegate (TD) for the day during a competition and review your experience - In an Alpine Environment

More information can be found in the logbook itself, which can be requested from the Snowsport England Office.

You will have 2 years to complete the Licensed stage for the qualification otherwise the training course will have to be retaken.
Licensed Level 2 coaches must re-validate their qualification every three years by attending a 1 day coaching refresher.

UKAD Coach Clean
You will also have to complete UKAD Coach Clean Course.

What outcomes are expected of you during your course?
Customer care and professionalism as such is not an element of the course that is assessed.
However it is a vitally important part of being a good ski coach. Failure to grasp the importance of customer care and professional conduct, will definitely limit your career. Ensure that you participate fully in discussion sessions that your course deliverer facilitates.
What areas should you be aware of at Level 2?

Club Coach Level
You will be working with younger participants of the sport. It’s your role to inspire the next champions and make sure that their experience is fun and memorable.
To provide great customer service in this situation the dominant principles are:

Gain and maintain great relationships with the individuals

Make sure your athletes enjoy the experience 

Understand and demonstrate the customer care and leadership issues when dealing with children and groups