1. Telephone number may be used if there are any last minute cancellations – e.g. due to weather.
  2. Skate or Classic – whilst we will attempt to accommodate preferences this cannot be guaranteed since it depends on the number of instructors who are all voluntary
  3. Please arrive no later than 9.45 am to allow time to get kitted out before starting to ski at 10 am. We will have a break in the café at around 11 am, and the session will finish at 12.30 pm. Further details including directions are on the club website,, where you can also see an aerial photo of the track. If you are coming by car, I suggest you park close to the reception. And if it is your first time, please check on a map that you know where you are going, and allow plenty of time.
  4. Remember protective headgear (cycle helmet) is compulsory and gloves are strongly recommended.  It is your responsibility to bring them, MCCSC does not provide them.  Gloves should not be too thick.
  5. We will bring a selection of knee and elbow pads that you can borrow.
  6. ALL attendees must book in 11 pm on the Sunday prior to the session.  If you wish to borrow gear we recommend booking early as there are limited numbers of some boot sizes.


1.   Refunds will only be given:

·       where the coaching session is cancelled due to bad weather. 

·       if there are insufficient coaches.

·       if there is insufficient booked gear.

2.      Refunds will not be given where the individual does not attend, except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of MCCSC.

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