MCCSC Roller Ski Lancaster tour - 18th May 2019


  1. Participants of this event must be a member of a club affiliated to Snowsport England (SSE). 
  2. Telephone number may be used if there are any last minute cancellations – e.g. due to weather etc
  3. Please arrive no later than 9.45 am to allow time to get kitted out before starting to ski at 10 am. Please check on a map that you know where you are going, and allow plenty of time.
  4. Please remember to bring protective headgear (cycle helmet) and gloves are strongly recommended.  It is your responsibility to bring them, MCCSC does not provide them. 
  5.  If you wish to borrow gear we recommend booking early as there are limited numbers of  boots.
  6. Note we have set limits on boots by size to prevent over booking.  If it shows your size is full then try booking half a size larger.
  7. Contact email


1.   Refunds will only be given:

·       where the event is cancelled due to bad weather - We don't cancel due to rain.

·       if there is insufficient booked gear.

2.      Refunds will not be given where the individual does not attend, except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of MCCSC.